Updating our application.

Note: This application is in beta and may not work outside of the US.

echo music player

Quick, easy, intuitive

echo remembers what you've listened to in the past so you can easily revisit what you've heard. If you really like a station, just save it as a favorite.

Everything from the all-in-one volume control to mini-mode have been designed to be simple and engaging.

mini mode

Music should look good too

We think you should have as much fun using echo as you do listening to the music it plays. That said, we set out to design a beautiful experience full of graceful motion and unexpected moments.

echo albums

More than just a radio player

echo leverages the best of the Internet to bring you the music you want to hear.

Just type in your favorite artist or musical genre and echo will do the rest. echo even suggests similar artists based on what you're listening to, helping you to discover new music or remember forgotten favorites. Not sure what to listen to? No worries, hit the stars to display the top artists in your country.

Once you've fired up a station, sit back and let echo serve up a never-ending stream of songs. We've even included a visualization mode that displays artist art based on what you are currently listening to.

echo artist images

echo top 25

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